This look may have worked in 1980, but today, Sissy would be in serious need of a makeover. =)

As promised, here is the follow up to my How to Dress Like a “Real” Cowboy: 5 Crucial Elementspost, only this time, it’s geared to the ladies who are heading out to watch the rodeo this summer.  Let’s face it, the ladies are far more concerned about fashion anyway, and get to wear a lot more cute things than the guys.  They also have substantially more leeway when it comes to dressing like a “real” cowgirl, so we will tackle these “components” a little differently than we did with the guys.  However, first things first, I need to clarify one thing.  This article addresses the prerogative of the ladies out there who would like to dress like “real” cowgirls, rather than “buckle bunnies,” therefore, the suggestions here will be geared to that end.  If you are unfamiliar with the term, “buckle bunny,” they are the groupies of the rodeo world.  If you are dressed like you are on the prowl for cowboys, this is how you will be labeled, whether you actually are or not.  As I said in my “Cowboy” post, chicks dig cowboys, but I will tell you ladies what “real” cowgirls already know, you don’t need to go being so blatantly obvious about it.

Petrol makes great jeans and shirts

1.)  Tops:
Many, many super cute options here.  Short-sleeved, long-sleeved – doesn’t matter, just dress for the weather.  My only real hard and fast rules here are: keep the belly and the girls covered up.  Cowgirls tend to be pretty fashion forward, and we like sparkly things.  I personally really love accessories, so I tend to keep my shirt simple and dress it up with jackets, belts and jewelry, but we will get to that later…  Pretty much anything trendy and fashionable (not super-revealing) would work here.  It is perfectly acceptable to go with a non-western shirt too.  Just keep it classy, ladies.

These Miss Me Jeans have a nice pocket detail and a nice darker wash (even darker would be nice too)

2.)  Bottoms:
For most of us, this is simple – jeans, all the way.  I have seen some girls pull off shorts and skirts, but if not done well, this can be pretty bad.  I would really recommend sticking with jeans or possibly even jean capris.  Luckily there are a lot of really cute fashion jeans out there for us these days.  Pocket details are practically a must, and are especially nice when looking to transition from the rodeo to the rodeo after-party.  =)  Just pay attention to the length if you are going to wear them with cowboy boots.  They may need to be a bit longer than your typical length in order to cover the tops of your boots when you’re sitting down.  Also, I prefer a dark denim.  They just look dressier and classier all around.

Very cute dressy fashion boots by Corral

3.)  Footwear:
Although not completely necessary, I recommend cowboy boots.  There are soooo many really cute styles, that I truly believe it is the way to go.  However if you’re not a boot gal, there are some stylish alternatives as well, like blingy flip flops and sandals.  If you are going with boots, I would recommend something with a square toe, as they are very much in fashion, or if you want something a little different, you can look at a fashion boot with a pointed toe, like these from Corral.

4.)  Headwear:
My recommendation is “hair”.  Don’t wear a hat.  Especially not one of those gawd-awful scrunchy-straw-Toby-Keith-varieties.  No “real” cowgirl in her right mind would be caught dead in a hat like that, unless she is making fun of it.  Those hats scream “buckle bunny!” or at the very least, “yes, this is my first rodeo.”  If a cowgirl is just going to the rodeo to watch and not compete, she normally will not wear a hat at all.  And girls, don’t ever take a cowboy’s hat and put it on yourself.  There are a LOT of implications there that we won’t even dive into here.  Just take my word for it. . .

This Corral belt goes over a longer shirt and would work with the one above, although it is also fine without.

5.)  Accessories:
The most fun category by far because it encompasses so much!  Let’s break it down:

    • Belt -If you have stepped into a western clothing store lately, you have likely noticed the plethora of belts available to purchase.  There is the traditional “through-your-belt-loops” kind that comes in thousands of colors, styles, and different levels of “bling” infusion.  Then, there is the “over-the-belt-loops” kind that is worn on the outside of your shirt.  Obviously, this is strictly a fashion statement as it does little to actually hold your pants up.  Under most circumstances, I highly recommend wearing a belt.  If your shirt tucks in or sits at the top of your waistline, the traditional belt works best, but if you are wearing a long, somewhat tight shirt, the “over-the-loops” variety is the way to go.

      Stylish black leather jacket by Cripple Creek

    • Jacket – If you’re heading to an evening rodeo performance, it is always a good idea to have a jacket, just in case.  Here in Montana, it can cool off quite dramatically in the evening.  Plus, I love jackets because I really feel like they are great for completing a look.  Western jean jackets and leather are my personal faves.

Been seeing these roses a lot lately and I like. =)

    • Jewelry – So many options, but the chunky stone necklaces are very popular right now.  The shirt above doesn’t need a necklace, but some stylish bracelets and earrings would add a nice touch.

Love the chains, color and size

  • Purse – Many fashionable options in this category as well.  You really can’t go wrong with most western purses.

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